Think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow?

Maybe you're an AR studio who wants to grow a client-base with brands who will need the guidance of maximising the technology, but your current team is a 404: Marketing Jargon Not Found.

Or perhaps you're a CEO or leader who knows there's consultants out there but why the heck should you want to keep your business income or limited trajectory when the same business, the same market opportunity, the same resource expenditures could double, redouble, even redouble again the result an average consultant would deliver?

Or maybe you just need an ambassador for your brand - but are just not sure how to pull this off without having to go with an influencer marketing agency who probably does't know the first thing about immersive technology and will fake it just to get your cash.

If you have competitors, you have to do something different.

I'm Casie Lane Millhouse.

I am a leading Singaporean futurist, speaker and consultant speacializing in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. I’ve been living on the island for a decade and what my American friends tend to think is all just to escape the leadership of Cheeto Jesus when they see the wacky stuff online I do. (their words, not mine!)

After over a decade of coaching high performance national champion gymnasts, I found myself in the midst of my own particular flavor of a mid-life crisis. After flirting with the idea of going back to school, teaching myself to code while breastfeeding a second child thinkin' how I COULD NEVER BE HIRED WITHOUT A DEGREE, I got to work where I methodically devised strategies, tested and validated my know-how to build marketing campaigns that drive true business value with innovative technologies.

I went from essentially knowing zilch about tech when I attended Echelon Asia Summit in 2014 to speaking on their very same stage for 5 years and counting. For two years, I was the Singapore Director of SheWorx connecting ambitious women to access to knowledge by curating mentors from Venture Capital, Product Development and the Singaporean Start-up ecosystem in what Melinda Gates called "the leading female entrepreneur series."

Currently, I'm the President of the VRARA Singapore chapter and a member of the AR/VR research panel for Facebook. As an innovation and technology communicator, I am so honored and grateful to wake up every single day to consult for brands, agencies, startups and governments to speak and teach around the globe.

A few fun facts about me:

  • 🙋‍♀️ I am a US Air Foce Veteran, maybe the only woman who ever loved bootcamp training.
  • 🤸‍♀️ I got over 2.1 million people to use a branded hashtag in 24 hours
  • 👀 I’ve made my own personal gifs trend & get millions of views a day
  • 🩲 I once made a chatbot for a market validation test of major 80 year old American-based data analytics and consumer intelligence that had a gif of a guy shaking his ass in a neon green g-string. The CEO sent a WhatsApp asking how to play again. Plus, I exceeded KPIs way under budget.
  • 🤬 I was stood up on my first attempt at dating only in VR but stuck to it. Now, I’m on Channel News Asia talking about my dating in Virtual Reality adventures. 
  • 💎 I was selected for Procter & Gamble's Women Entrepreneur Development Program 2020. Due to Covid, I attended every meeting remotely with an Augmented Reality filter brightening everyone's day.
  • 🤖I once said fart on stage at Facebooks iD8 Conference. Only 1 person laughed, but I was the one who did end up collecting over 75% of the audience’s information with an AR game inside a chatbot I built the day before. 

When I’m not obsessing on how to get my hands on the latest hardware or trying out new AR & VR apps to stream to my friends and family who have no idea what VR is, I can be found playing vinyl records, on a random live-stream or turning my ass cheeks into sunburnt cherry tomatoes on Sentosa Beach.

"I see eye to eye with people who think being normal is the most disappointing thing."

Casie Lane Millhouse

You can exhaust yourself trying to beat the competition. 

I know—you want to cover your ass, and get this right. I totally get it.  

When we're putting our future and the entire company's future on the line, what comes of it can't be anything less than absolutely full-ass. We can all agree that if companies continue to half-ass it, they'll end up like Blockbuster in no time.

And damn it, I want to be right in the thick of it when it happens. Don't you?

Clients hire me to:

  • build out a strong marketing strategy and advise on overlooked opportunities with their own company or for their clients on their behalf
  • speak at events, organize VIP dinners for attendees and females in tech inclusion programming/satellite events and hype that shit up online with pre, during & post content
  • facilitate online conferences
  • design, curate and design a tech lab for their team get hands on with the latest new technologies, from Augmented Reality to Virtual Reality, Haptics and more.
  • help them solidify partnerships and JV programs
  • be the face and voice of a brand online and at in-person events
  • teach their teams or clients how to execute on biz dev, sales or marketing
  • look at their business in a modular light that connects everything together and build out S.O.P.s (cuz no one's got time for that!)
  • never write a line of code

To some extent, I can. (I'm not very good.)

So let's stick the the good stuff.

Is there anything worse than not knowing wtf is up and who is making moves in your industry? Let's talk about all of this & the risks with technology.