Hi, I'm Casie. I started working with Instagram in 2012 because I thought it was fun to share but then I began using it for business in 2013. Since then I've spoken & worked with small business owners, bloggers, influencers, olympians, startups, and various brands such as BBC Sport, and more.

Oh, and this year I made over 2 million people post handstands in 24 hours for International Handstand Day! 🤸

As a SheWorx Singapore Director, I'm committed to providing women with access to capital, to mentors, to quality knowledge by curating top-tier SheWorx events. I've established a career(s) as a gymnastics coach, international DJ and music producer. Now based in Singapore, I love helping people around the globe Get Insta Results with Instagram.

If you're into anything I've mentioned above and need some help, let's chat! ✨